Billing Services

Ben Franklin Finance can quickly take over the management of your existing billing and collection accounts. Ben Franklin Finance billing services provide small to large businesses and institutions an alternative to managing their accounts receivable portfolio.

Ben Franklin Finance has access to a variety of billing and collections tools that will take care of all payments while enhancing collection and billing activities. Ben Franklin Finance billing services will improve the cash flow of the business and help reduce the burden of billing and collecting.

A seamless process for smooth transfer of billing and collections accounts to Ben Franklin Finance is just a click away or call toll free at 1.855.445.8569

Business Solutions

Ben Franklin Finance is a national leader in loan management and collection of consumer and business receivables. Ben Franklin Finance provides everything needed for small to large companies and institutions to manage the many facets of accounts receivables.

Businesses that use Ben Franklin Finance as a financial partner receive the most powerful tools, services, and benefits to manage their receivable portfolio. Ben Franklin Finance is affordable, easy to use, and customizable to any kind of business.

  • Account Receivable Management
  • Statement Billing
  • Loan Services for Small Lenders

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